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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in fact the injuries was so -- so extensive and brutal that detectives at the police department cannot interview her. this hour we are getting a better picture of the brutal attack inside the sanford apartment the responding officer said he'd heard the dog that witnesses screaming the dogs are killing her. >> do have any idea what provoked the attack? >> we have not. the person who needs -- we need to talk to their injuries are the most depressing thing now. >> reporter: officer saw a trail of blood in the apartment leading to the laundry room where the victim was sitting against the wall with 5 dogs that appear to be pit bulls biting her arms, legs and upper body. the officer fired a warning shot. one of the dogs charged him so we opened fire. then shot the other 4 dogs one by one until there was silence. the victim was airlifted to all rmc. investigators told me half a dozen people were in the apartment and some of them
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received minor injuries. a 6 the dog was in a crate during the attack but it was still removed from the apartment and is now quarantined at animal services. do we know what the dogs were doing in the apartment >> as far as we know they are pets. like i said we have not received any confirmation on who they belong to. >> reporter: investigators here are looking into the possibility that this is not the first problem they have had with these dogs. looking into that now. i spoke with a neighbor who says it is not the first problems with these dogs. putting her story together for eyewitness news at 5 back. live in sanford, seminole county, tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news . following breaking news right now of volusia county a man shot and killed and what investigators call a hunting accident. skywitness 9 was over the senior the woods off sneadtown road, oak hill. this was 90 minutes ago. investigators say the hunter exit -- accidentally shot a 65- year-old man with a 12gauge shotgun. central florida is currently in
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seasons in -- including quail escorted the crew on the ground will update you when we learn more information. >> reporter: it was warmer today as we climbed into the 60s. >> i needed a jacket temperatures dropping again tonight so let's see how low they will go with certified meteorologist george waldenberger. numbers will be cut in half. >> by morning but the thing is if you do not like cold air it will not be as cold as it was last night and this morning temperatures in the 60s in sanford but falling into the 50s is new smyrna beach, 63 cocoa beach and this morning we had the coldest temperatures yet this winter. we had 38 this morning and orlando and 32 in the villages and 27 degrees in ocala. this evening, hour-by-hour, again, not as cold as last night during the evening. temperatures will drop below the 60s around 6:30 but we will spend the evening in the 50s. next we will have an hour by hour -- county by county rather look on who will drop into the 30s .
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agreed to pay the city $18 million for the land where the new stadium is being built last week the team announced it will finish out the season at the citrus bowl so it can unveil the new home during this went -- 2017 season to expand steve barrett spoke with officials today about the announcement. they are excited to finally finalize the deal. >> reporter: absolutely even though the construction has already begun big they were going to buy the land, greg. final details. happening here i learned today that they basically have details worked out in the soccer club in the city over lando have come to an agreement that the team will hand over $18 million to buy the land and pay for some of the infrastructure work that has been completed already. unveiled last summer and it was then delayed for one year, a few weeks ago or at least half of the season.
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fans in the paramore facility when it opens for the 2017 season. >> it is a process started in may last year we we agreed in principle to purchase the land from the city and that is what is getting completed hopefully next week at the city council. dotting ice crossing tease. >> and city council to vote on that and they expect it to happen monday it they do not expect hiccups in the boat when it happens monday and that will be the final deal. paid out over a course of your starting with $4 million and a couple of million or 1 million or so every year for 15 years. coming up 5:00, we learned today how the city is going to work with residents in paramore to add some of their heritage architecture here. we will talk more about that in one hour. live in orlando, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news . this afternoon we are
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the new stadium will be like from the inside. the team has posted a virtual tour of the stadium giving fans a good look at certain sections and they can see exactly what the new view of the field will be if they by this seat for that seat. a live webcam shows the construction as it unfolds day by day. to check out both new features logon now to slash web links . orange county woman who prosecutors say admitted to falsely accusing her ex- boyfriend of stocking and making threats now has a new lawyer and is headed to trial. erika griffin spoke in a 2014 harbor house news conference for saying herself as a domestic violence victim. but in a recent letter to the judge, she admitted that what she did was wrong and claimed her public defender was not fighting for her. public defender advisor to accept a plea deal in exchange for 4 years in prison pit state says are asked spent 4 months in jail for her false allegation jackson volusia county leaders tomorrow will expect about on new plans meant to get the home of the daytona
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homeless people have been setting up camp outside the county administration building on beech street for some time. the volusia county manager says the county should lease or buy a vacant piece of property on north street so they can move there instead. it is another temporary solution but if approved, the county will fence the property and put a large tent up and add temporary bathrooms as well . and 2.5 hours people in thin cloud will get the chance to express frustrations with the city's water bills. we looked into the city's metering and billing methods last month. many residents say they are paying a lot more for water than when ouc handled the bills. the water utility leaders will be at the think i'll committee center for an open meeting at 6:30 tonight . one of the coldest nights so far this season turned deadly when in orange county man shot cut pipe it it happened behind this home near gatlin avenue, conway wrote. eyewitness news this morning fire crews found a man's body in the shed along with the space heater. and since then, channel 9's janai norman checked in with investigators to see if the
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>> early this morning our weather app showed it was 39 degrees and felt like 34. that is around the time fire officials say john preston was working in a shed out back and caught fire. >> reporter: neighbors who knew him was -- were distraught and did not want to go on camera battalion fire chief billy >> did you know him? >> yes. >> do want to same thing? one of the fire crews called out to the home around 2:00 this morning when it driving -- a major by sodus point. the family did not even realize the shed was fully engulfed in flames. >> woke up the family and the family said there is potentially someone in the shed for the 2 to skywitness 9 to get a better look and found out that shed is more of a workshop. it is about 1000 ft.2 where families they preston spent a lot of late nights working. when crews got the fire knocked down, they found his body and a space heater. >> do you think cold-weather
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>> there was. there was a space heater -- space heater and we don't know if it was being used. >> at this time, we are still asking how the fire started with preston unable to get out of the shed to safety. that is a question the state fire marshal is working to answer as he will ultimately make the call about what caused the deadly fire. in orange county, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news . be careful with space heater's . at the start of the day the stock market opened at a 15 month low and edison -- it has been faithful. >> numbers ended up today. dow down almost 250 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq both lost 5, 22 points. martie salt is was following the plunge and officials say this year is the worst start ever for wall street. >> and the biggest concern for the >> reporter: market is the
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investors worried about a global meltdown. just one hour after the markets opened, the numbers said it all. nrl betty nervous investors in for another wild ride. >> historically speaking when january is down, the year is a down year. >> stock prices have been tumbling since new year's day. mostly driven by plunging oil prices. wholesale prices have fallen to levels not seen since 2003. and while that is terrible for the stock market, we are seeing historically low gas prices at the pump. including less than one dollar per gallon in michigan earlier this week. >> extra money in my pocket. >> reporter: not for energy companies and this woman who lost her job at an oil company this month. >> i cannot say i was overly shocked. only because of the climate. it has been this way for months. >> enterprises continue to drop, the biggest fear in the markets right now is the energy companies will start to default on their debt pick if they
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it could be something similar to our financial crisis, the great recession. >> another big concern: volatility in markets overseas, especially china. the asian giant growth for the year was less than 7 percent. that is the lowest in 25 years. >> if you have money in stocks, your best bet is to write it out as opposed to taking it out of the market because the people who take the money out of the market when it is down other people who lose. >> analysts say do not touch your savings, especially now. just ride it out . another tip, do not look. >> yes. sometimes you do not want to know. >> ignorance is bliss . orange county residents say the trash pickup system has left them with last year's trash out front. >> you cannot do anything else with it they pilot of. >> howell long they say they have been forced to pile up the garbage. >> and a new report shows thousands of drivers are
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school buses despite flashing stop signs. cameras catch everything else. >> what state lawmakers want to change to keep your children safe . neighbors fighting the developer have taken the battle here to city hall. up next why they are so concerned about the quality of life.
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is january 31st. this afternoon in orange county neighbors are calling it a david versus goliath battle for the community. they return to orlando city hall to 5 plans for development near their homes. channel nines michael lopardi learned they are facing an uphill battle.
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off john young parkway could be home to 2 new projects and industrial park and 2 radio towers. not if the neighbors had their weight. >> it is environmental injustice. we have read your tires -- radio towers in the area and industrial in the air and we do not want more. >> reporter: a small group of primarily black families near by could not and afford an attorney but showed up at city hall to say they are concerned about the impact on wetlands in the mciver weber basin property values and traffic. >> because we are lower income and because we do not have the people to fight or money to get proper lawyers to fight this, they are taking us over. >> today's hearing today at city hall focus primarily on the towers. the hearing officer already denied the neighbors appeal of the industrial park. in the decision the hearing officer says neighbors did not show evidence that the park would have a substantial impact
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property values. today the man behind the radio towers says he owns 4 others nearby and has not received complaints. >> there will not be anybody there daily and you are not going to get the kind of traffic that the people we are talking about. >> neighbors have already lost one appeal but they tell me they are not done fighting. michael lopardi, channel 9 eyewitness news . orlando commissioners will get the final say on both projects pick a boat on the industrial park next month . a plan to make it tougher for people to refuse dui tests does not appear to be moving forward in the state capital. it was found by central florida david simmons and it was postponed in the judiciary committee meeting under the proposed bill the first refusal of a dui test would result in a $500 fine and up to 6 months florida's dui refusal rate is more than twice the national average . state wildlife -- officials are looking for the hunt for pythons in the everglades a success so far. vanessa, you can cheer. 17 burmese pythons caught in the first 3 days of the 2nd
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registered. officials say the hunt so far is come pushing the goals both in catching snakes and raising awareness about the threat they pose to native wildlife. unwanted pets. you can look now . scientist say there may be another planet in this solar system being called right now planet x. not very creative. researchers from caltech say they have evidence the planet exists. they believe the planet is a must as big as neptune and takes 10-20,000 years to circle the sun if it exists, it will be of a knife planet in the solar system since pluto was bumped down to a dwarf planet. 200 times farther away than the earth is. >> long days. >> very. >> a lot colder than last night this morning outside, beautiful. look at the clouds streaming in. high clouds but these are one of the reasons that it will not be as cold tonight as it was last night a new blanket of
4:17 pm
they are actually a long the subtropical jet. no rain in florida tonight there is rain to the north. the next storm system developing here, 1500 miles away bringing us the next el nio type storm system for friday while we wait, again it is not as cold in orlando, west toward metrowest turkey lake and frederick park. 50s until midnight 2 am we drop into the 40s. cool but not as cold as last night. this morning in apopka 20 degrees. morning tomorrow, 44. -- 28 degrees. 45 marquart -- a core 47 downtown. springs, also mounts sanford mid to upper 40s early warning temperatures notice how cool it is toward geneva on the eastern the low 40s. in marion county, this is where we expect the coldest air is central florida overnight and in the morning the surprises. even patchy frost.
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some of the fringe areas even the villages you can see some patchy frost by morning. ocala, 30 a bellevue 39 deland 38 in the morning. if you did not see your neighbor, no worries head over to the wftv weather and go get county by county forecast for your neighbor so you will see how cold it will get when you use the hour-by-hour forecast. today we were in the 60s tomorrow if you have been missing the weather, back to 74. this is warmer than already 71 deland 72 leesburg titusville cocoa beach daytona beach 71 degrees. palm coast in flagler county, one of the only spots not hitting 70 degrees tomorrow. temperatures go down and it. typical in winter in florida as we wait for the lowest to track. this is our next storm system. notice on friday, we are still driver we can see the next approaching storm system from the west. this will likely be a squall line of thunderstorms approaching from the gulf but then weakening as intractable florida. you can see noon-7 pm friday. that is going to be the highest chance for rain. we cannot completely rule out
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the risks are not looking nearly as strong as what we have with our last storm system and we will talk more about that in the next half-hour. temperatures 70s and the next 2 saturday. as a matter fact, we will cool down behind the storm system it will likely be even colder than what we had this morning five- day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. this morning low 45 orlando, that is tomorrow morning the next few afternoons are in the 70s remember friday, it rains in the afternoon. a couple rumbles of thunder. saturday, cold, windy if you do not like winds and saturday will not be the day you want to be outside. that will be sunday instead after a cold morning delta 37. monday we begin to warm back up. we could hit 80 next week. in the next half-hour, despite the recent cold weather, last night, how the recent heat is a problem vanessa. >> brevard county residents what answers now the trappers have been told to hold off from trying to catch nuisance coyotes. >> people are getting tired of it ask the reason city leaders
4:20 pm
a new report shows this is how many florida drivers with students live by illegally passing school buses and that is just in one day. coming up, how lawmakers could crackdown . all new, a local man says he is offended by the state when he bought a new car. >> how the dealership responded
4:21 pm
as we wait for the lowest to track. getting off the school bus became dangerous for students pick a new study shows an increasing number of drivers are speeding around with flashing stop sign so can you can look at what state lawmakers are now planning to get the cash -- catch drivers and better protect your children. >> it is hard to not see a big yellow school bus and even harder to miss flashing lights and stop signs telling drivers to stop when the buses do. the morning parent robin obeys every time yes don't ever think to go around flashing lights. >> i always stop and teach the kids to stop and definitely because that could be my kid one day. >> reporter: a report from florida department of law enforcement revealed that fewer drivers were like her.
4:22 pm
disregarding laws and speeding by when they should be slowing down. data came from public school bus drivers. the state gives the drivers one day every year and on that day they count how many drivers they see a legally passing their buses. >> in 2015, the new fdle report shows that 10,000 -- 10,987 florida drivers in the legally past school buses on that one day. figure that happens every day of the school year and you looking at almost 2,000,000 lawbreakers. >> lawbreakers that state lawmakers want to crack down on. a bill on the table now could bring harsher penalties for illegal passing. it also makes it easier to track which drivers are at fault by requiring cameras to record anyone who races by. wells says that is a law she could get behind. >> there are cameras the catch anything else at red lights,
4:23 pm
going around stopped school bus is as important as running a red light. >> reporter: orange county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news . you can check out the survey for yourself, go to /weather links . ahead at 4:00, moving a safety tool from all parts. >> why officials say the equipment is no longer needed. report shows 2015 was the hottest year on record. how experts say the heat from last year could impact of severe weather for years to come . orange county tells us they have a hauler that is closing the gap on trash.
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just having what we can yes orange county residents say the county's new trash pickup system is still failing and
4:26 pm
of this mess next the last time to pick up the trash was december 29. >> this afternoon we looked into the runaround they say the county has been giving them. >> 20 days ago orange county started a new automated trash pickup service bringing trash week. system. there are homes that have had one pickup this -- year. neighborhood where the last year. you asked the county this neighborhood still needed service. >> reporter: and they would not tell me because they said if we were here during the trash pickup or when the bins were delivered, we may delay the service. we are not delaying anything here because this garbage has been collecting all month. >> we still have christmas wrapping in one of the bags. it is all there. >> they picked up last december 29. >> reporter: victoria and her neighbors have been taking turns calling orange county, documenting calls and sending emails all in the hopes of getting the trash.
4:27 pm
>> each time they call they say they will contact waste management and they will contact you. idea to be contacted. >> reporter: we tried contacting them and while the county cannot say when the hauler will come here on how many homes still need pickup, they do say they are closing the gap. that is not much comfort for these 3 families who say they trash troubles are more than an eyesore, they could soon to come bear bait. >> i have photographs of a bear on the trees. >> reporter: peggy invested in a special been to keep bears away but it will not do much good if the counties who hauler fcc does not find the way to their home and fast. >> before bears decide to come and enjoy dinner. >> reporter: recycle trucks have been here 3 times this month. they did not pick up peggy's even though it was clearly labeled because she did not have the new bins that her neighbors have.
4:28 pm
trying to get specifics on when the trash may be picked up and when the bins may be delivered. i will have the response coming up tonight at 5:55. live in apopka, janine reyes, channel 9 eyewitness news . orange county also created curbside collection pick up. find who to contact if you're having problems like this. there is frequently asked well. we put a link to the page on our page /weather links . after a warm up today, again. checking in with certified meteorologist walled umberger and severe weather center 9 with more on how cold it will get tonight. >> cool but not as cold as last night 5-10 degrees warmer or you may want to say less cold than last night. villages, 63 clermont . started downward. hour-by-hour tonight we will
4:29 pm
ivanhoe village toward college park in the villages a little . colder, lady lake, dropping into the 40s varmint 9:00 or 10:00 . and 50 minutes i will track the next system but for now it is cool and to think a couple weeks ago it was so warm. 2 federal agencies declaring 2015 as the hottest year on record since 1880. one reason, a major el nio which is the strongest el nio ever observed. officials say because of the high temperatures, this year's el nio could actually become even stronger yet. stronger than originally predicted. >> it has been clear for quite some time that 2015 would steal the distinction of the hottest year from 2014. >> if you take the trends to 1997, so before the big el nio peaked in 1998, and you -- continued forward, we are now above where we would have expected in 1997. >> 10 of the 12 months last
4:30 pm
those records go all the way back to 136 years >> appropriate to call it a steady warming over that time period. >> both noaa and nasa explained 2015 would have been a record- breaking year without el nio, but el nio conditions pushed it way over the top. and now officials say 2016 shaping up to be just as hot. >> you would expect in 2016 to see the biggest signal with respect to this el nio on that temperature record. >> so what do the hotter temperatures mean for the earth? heat waves, loss of arctic sea ice and melting glaciers pick and recent studies show big storms like hurricanes could intensify slightly stronger. >> at the atmosphere is warmed, moore the rain and heavy events and that is characteristic over the last several decades.
4:31 pm
year record it was a poor time in 11 years that earth broke temperatures. this morning temperatures were in the 20s and 30s and it could be tough to visualize climate warming but think about this, orlando typically gets a couple freezes per winter. our last official freeze was over 2 years ago, vanessa? >> the florida -- floor lifts used in performances with trainers and wales and sea world are now being removed. skywitness 9 flew over the tanks as the world orlando today where as you can see workers have begun removing let's. the parts do not need them anymore because the train is no longer perform in the water with killer whales. this comes 5 years after trainer was killed by a whale at seaworld orlando . skywitness 9 was there catching a glimpse of the sky tower ride which has been cold for one month after he stopped 100 feet in the air with dozens of people still on board. writers were stuck for about 2
4:32 pm
ride. officials would only tell is the cause of the malfunction was still under review . state health officials now say florida has 3 confirmed cases of zika, mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects if it is important to note that none of the patients contracted ws. 2 patients or miami-dade county got the virus while visiting south america and a woman and while visiting venezuela. doctors say they diagnose her quickly because she said when she was traveling. >> individual went to the doctor and had known about the zika virus and let the position no they were in an area that had it, tested and came back positive. >> the centers for disease control recommends pregnant women be screened if they have travel to places like puerto rico, haiti mexico. the new york times reports symptoms of the zika virus are usually relatively mild and closely related to yellow and dengue fevers it is common in africa and asia but did not get
4:33 pm
outbreak in brazil last spring pincushion there is a new immigration that would require f.b.i. acheron checks be more any rpg from syria or iraq would be allowed into the united states. this comes as a new report refugees overstayed visas for channel 9 anchor george estevez read through data and immigration is more talked about then this presidential race. >> the new numbers may support why some people believe our broken. and we have had an example in central florida, one man was in this country illegally for more than one year. >> they had visas to do business, visit friends or toward the country but never left. a new homeland security report found more than 500,000 people overstayed their visas last year. >> it is a big issue. 4 on the terrace overstayed visas. >> republicans at 4 added layers to keep steering and a rocky refugees out of the rest
4:34 pm
>> refugees are not our enemy isil is. >> we reported on a case for mental overstayed his visa and brevard county buy one year and half. federal agents say 24-year- old.a student visa in july 2013 to attend the florida institute of technology. he was dismissed in the fall of 2014. court documents show he violated the terms of his immigration status by not leaving the country 30 days later. and when he was caught, living mostly at a hilton hotel in melbourne always been cash, it was discovered that he left behind 184 rounds of ammunition in the storage unit and admitted to having 10 cell phones. >> we need to know who they are and where they are and why they are still here. >> homeland security department says of the 45 million visitors visas. >> and department of homeland security also says everyone who gets a visa is checked against
4:35 pm
police databases, including the terror watchlist greg state bill that would change the way temporary cash assistance is granted to families with undocumented immigrants was approved by a house panel earlier today. supporters claim earnings of undocumented immigrants often not counted toward the family's income giving them an unfair advantage in qualifying for cash. opponents argue the stipend is already so small any reduction could cause a family to virtually collapsed. >> the results of this bill will be to call, put children at risk by taking already very them a very, very low income families and reducing their money. >> those who support the bill say cash assistance programs encourage immigrants to come to florida, a trend that they want to stop . mexican authorities are now going the extra mile to make sure megan drug lord el chapo does not escape from prison again. prison guards wearing helmet cameras are videotaping them at
4:36 pm
400 fixed cameras are also rolling 24/7. the prison is also using guard dogs trained to detect el chapo scent and constantly moving him between 30 different jail cells. mexican and was authorities are still working to extradite him to the u.s. to face prosecution . the man county sheriff's office is now asking area visit owners to join in the fight against private the department launched a new crime alert service today called base. the system tells business owners instantly through email or text about crime in the area or criminals who are targeting their industries. the system is free and the first of its kind in marion county . scissors ball is that getting a makeover ahead of the monster jam event. skywitness 9 flew of the stadium today where we so crews piling on the dirt for the monster jam races and obstacle courses. monster jam is expected to fill the citrus bowl with 60,000 screening fans the saturday. see more pictures of the transformation head over to flash slideshows. >> always a fun event with fans .
4:37 pm
into action one would be drivers try to steal her car. >> she dragged him out of the car. >> what police say she is protecting in the backseat . updating who can see more frost again late tomorrow -- tonight and tomorrow morning and timing out the next system . while i trappers in brevard county have been using drones to catch coyotes that families
4:38 pm
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where following major breaking news the just happened in orange county. there has been a crash involving a school bus picklist take you to the scene from skywitness 9. this is the wide view and you can see lots of folks, onlookers lining the streets as emergency crews are really focused on one carpet this is a long west oak ridge road, bonnie but drives.
4:41 pm
focused on what appears to be a car where the move has been peeled back. they got one person out of the car using the jaws of life and this person seems to be the most seriously injured. fire-rescue officials say the bus hit multiple cars. there are reports now of no children on board the bus. we are checking on that now as well and what school they were coming home from. this would be the time schools let out it the accident has closed the stretch of road west oak ridge road, one patient on the backboard now will be transported to the hospital. we will stay on top of its with skywitness 9 and bring you the latest. a serious crash involving several cars and in orange county school bus this afternoon. we were in indian harbor beach last week as the trappers used a drone to get coyotes spotted near gleason park. but now the traps are gone because the city was told it could not capture and we look at these coyotes as nuisance animals. melonie holt looked into the reason why. what happened?
4:42 pm
florida fish and wildlife does not consider coyotes spotted near these was a nuisance and even if they did, they told me moving a nuisance coyote elsewhere is not an option. >> the last coyote trap has been pulled from gleason park and after meeting with florida fish and wildlife from the city of indian harbor beach has suspended the efforts to cap -- catcher relocate the coyote or coyotes spotted roaming near the perfect despite reports of missing pets, the city says fwc does not support the position that the coyotes are nuisance animals. >> i do not think they will be able to suspended we will have to wait until someone gets hurt. and that is what will happen. it's just the reality of everything is mightier. what does it have to take in order to get the attention?. >> reporter: small pets may fall prey to coyotes but they rarely pose threats to people especially adults of the city
4:43 pm
while the city was told it could not trap and relocate coyotes, it would be allowed to catch and euthanize them as furbearing animals. >> is the city's visit not to euthanize -- euthanize the animals what we would rather do is track them and relocate them. >> florida wildlife trapeze and rescue agreed to help the city the grass -- address the issue. they do not euthanize animals. >> we have to hold traps because we do not want to risk catching them and put them down yes city attorney is still try to reach a coyote resolution. florida fish and wildlife plans coyote workshops in the area particularly how to deal with the coyote encounter. and for eyewitness news at 5, i'm speaking with a wildlife trapper who is dealing with the very issue with nearby residents now. live in indian harbor beach, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news . after one failed carjacking, 3 suspects in south florida try to steal a 2nd car from a mother.
4:44 pm
did little did they know she was not going to let them get away without affected cameras recorded the suspects as you see here running up to the car at a gas station in hialeah near miami pet 11 try to get in the driver side, the mom threw him out of the car there. police say she had her children in the back seat. >> in the backseat of the car, there were 2 kids. she was not going to let them be taken to so she fought and drag the guy out of the car and they both ran away like cowards. >> the suspects were soon caught and arrested before they tried to rob the mother they attempted another carjacking and that fail when the woman locked herself in her car . never mess with mama bears. >> good example . nice and cold this morning. >> yes, it was winter. >> a lot of frost this morning. parts of orange county, leica, seminole and marion. 61 degrees now. a beautiful day after a cold start and tonight, it will be
4:45 pm
night in this morning. if you're in marion county that's where we expect 30s once again tonight through the morning. orlando metro, mid 40s which is cool but not as cold as 38 this morning at 43 in the morning and daytona beach. i want to give has up. patchy frost will be possible but this time we will not see as much of it. maybe portions of apopka, north side of town. morgan lake county row marion county a northern sumter that will be it temperatures county by county again not as cold overnight. winter park 44, the flow 45, christmas and volusia county, deland 42 degrees. cross creek toward deltona to bear, 42 in the morning, 43 daytona beach and new smyrna beach. and brevard county, this is typically one of our warmer mornings -- counties. no exception tomorrow 53 cocoa beach, melbourne palm bay now down to 41 tomorrow, editor a cool start 74.
4:46 pm
where is florida i want florida `you will get a tomorrow, 70s widespread with the exception of flagler county did just shy of 70 but still very nice tomorrow. tomorrow will be the nicest day of the next 3. future track 9 brings the next system which will be the next el nio type system. we will be gets the evidence it -- of it on friday when he gets windy of the rain fix up especially in the afternoon. that is will we will have a high chance for rain on friday. it will be doing afternoon hours, 50-50 shot.-that we will see. 80 percent shot. lead to read it five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, one more cool morning. the next few afternoons are in the 70s. friday is when the with rain otherwise warm. -- windy with rain and warm and saturday windy and cooler how the cool can bring problems to power companies. >> stories you have not seen on eyewitness news at 5. >> first, 9 investigates the lives -- lies officials say the woman told to teach and classroom.
4:47 pm
claim petty politics could prevent one lake county city for going like it should. >> so it is very disturbing what the new counsel is doing. >> why there could see -- be new faces that could cost
4:48 pm
you like being you should want your stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. this afternoon daytona beach is one step closer to welcoming a 350,000 square-foot retail outlet to the area. tanga frank perry outlet separate celebrating a wall rating today. blame tomlinson spoke with leaders who say they hope the outlet will bring growth to the entire city. >> reporter: the wall you see here behind me is one of many going up in the daytona beach outlet mall under construction. the company behind it told me
4:49 pm
other 42 u.s. locations ending each year with more than 95 percent occupancy. >> instead of a groundbreaking, a wall raising ceremony capped off a celebration of the construction of the new tanker outlet mall in daytona beach. the north carolina-based company ceo says it took a great deal of planning and research. >> daytona has no outlet center. so we identified daytona a couple of years ago and have been looking around for what we felt with the best site. >> the 350 ft.2 out the warm all will fit your's from obg boulevard and i-95 where cars pass on a daily basis yes we want a size that is accessible from the interchange at an interstate and not far from the beach. >> the outlet mall will happily 75 stores with brands as famous as the world's most famous beach. the city's mayor says the outlets -- outlets are the beginning for this part of town
4:50 pm
sam's club as well. >> we want to bring about early visions for this committee. >> more brand names will be announced at a later time. walkers are wasting no time they have to get it completed by black friday in daytona beach, blame tomlinson, channel 9 eyewitness news . great weight in the newscast. >> a man shot and killed while in the woods with a friend. >> volusia county investigators updated us on what happened. >> and at 5, why another local sheriff is calling all licensed gun owners to make sure they carry. after the coldest morning and almost one year, i am tracking a warm-up before the
4:51 pm
thought it was them. it sounded familiar. true she was sad, but not surprised. she believed she was next door to the owner.
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